We are open! Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 35





We are open Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

Walk-up Shopping Everyday!

Didn’t pre-order? That’s okay! Everything on our menu is available for at-the-door shopping.

Pre-orders available for pick-up Tuesday &Saturday


Open: Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

Senior Hours: 9am-10am (6o yrs +)

Public Hours: 10am-5pm


We will be taking online pre-orders for Tuesday and Saturday only. Pre-orders for Tuesday will be open Friday at 8am and close Sunday at 7pm. Pre-orders for Saturday will open Tuesday at 8am and close Thursday at 7pm. Pre-orders include two Variety boxes, whole light bake pizzas, and bread. Pre-orders can be made at:


No phone orders please.


Check out our Menu for more detailed daily offerings, basic menu:

Light Bake Pizzas

Cold-packed soups

Sourdough loaves

Pastries: muffins, scones, cookies, croissants, ginger stout bread




35 thoughts on “We are open! Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday

  • marc schoenfeld

    Thank you for being open 1 last day. Will you have English Muffins on this final day before the Shutdown?

  • Karen P

    Please come back for take-out! We love you and rely on you every weekend for brioche, scones, pizza and more! We will do our part to keep six feet of distance from each other to keep your staff (and ourselves safe) – we just want to see you again – life would be so much brighter! Please!!! We LOVE you!

  • Karen P

    Please come back for take-out! We love you and rely on you every weekend for brioche, cinnamon rolls, almond snails, pizza and more! We will do our part to keep six feet of distance from each other to keep your staff (and ourselves safe) – we just want to see you again – life would be so much brighter! Please!!! We LOVE you!

  • Carolyn D Grier

    Hello wonderful bakers;
    You are greatly missed and I hope it will be possible to place internet orders and pick them up for Easter. OR telephone orders and pick them up for Easter. PLease understand how very I M P O R T A N T this is. Akin to rolling the stone from the entrance to the Cave. I pray everyone is well and happy.
    Carolyn Grier (wheat free blueberry muffins little old lady)

  • Paul Backhurst

    Please let me know when you can reopen, and, in whatever form you decide is safe for your worker-members and the Grand-Lake community, I will patronize and support you.

    I miss your wonderful pizzas, soups & baked goods. And your cheery, patient and sometimes (well-earned) tired faces!

    Beyond the delicious product of your labor, you present the very best “face” of our diverse community, modeling an equitable structure that empowers individuals while serving the community. Thank you for all the hard work! And we’ll need you more than ever going forward. Paul B

    • Arizmendi Bakery Post author

      Hey Paul!
      Thanks so much. We are open again, I hope you have made it down here!

  • James

    Hi, So sorry to hear that you are temporary closed due to COVID -19? Our family is interested to buy some flour from you. If that is possible. We are looking for 50lb bag of bread flour and 25lb bag of all purpose flour.

    Hope to see you back soon!

    Take Care, James

  • KN

    Very happy to see you guys reopening!
    Any plans on adding your banana bread and choc-raspberry scones to the menu?

    All the best!

    • Arizmendi Bakery Post author

      hey there!
      we did re-open
      hopefully you see that banana bread is back saturday, and choco-raz scones are thursday!

  • Marcy

    Very exciting, thank you! Any chance you might add a while wheat bread – grackle or rosemary walnut or sunflower sesame?

  • Karen

    I’m a lucky senior who can come to your bakery earlier than others. How I’ve missed you! My question is: will you have half-baked pizzas from 9-10 AM? Or will I have to come back before you close to get that?

    • Arizmendi Bakery Post author

      hi there!
      hopefully you have seen that we have lightbakes starting at 8am!

  • walt

    YES!! welcome back… as a “senior” I see you as a community gem… hope i can stay awhile when i again visit- ie will I be able to sit at tables for coffee and delicious pastry? – and enjoy not only all bakers, but also all the wonderful diversity and pleasure of the food and the customers…

    • Arizmendi Bakery Post author

      Hey Walt!
      We miss having people sit here as well. As you have seen probably, it’s still not allowed for us to have places for customers to sit. Still just a walk-up shopping experience. thanks!

  • Daria E. Leavitt

    Please make cinnamon rolls and brioche bread : ) I missed you guys! : ) You are an integral part of the community.

    • Arizmendi Bakery Post author

      hey there!
      thanks so much. hpoefully you see that they are both back on Sundays? 9am-2pm

  • Janet Lee

    I am a senior (62yo) and would like to pre-order 2 light bake pizzas, 2 cherry corn scones, 2 berry scones, 1 sourdough loaf for Tuesday May 5 between 9-10am. Thank you. My cell is 408-398-2532. Janet

  • ami beth capen

    I’m very excited for my family to get Arizmendi pizza again! I want to order for Tuesday, but was wondering if you will still be publishing what the pizza for the day is. I usually come on no-onion Tuesdays since we don’t like onions. Are Tuesdays still no-onion day?
    What kind of pizza will you have on Tuesday?


    • Arizmendi Bakery Post author

      hey there!
      Tuesdays are still no onion, and we post our menu every Monday by 3pm!

  • Carol Rothman

    Will pick up of orders be possible curbside or thru and window or door?. Those of us who are high risk should not come. To store.

    • Arizmendi Bakery Post author

      hi there!
      all of our orders and interactions are walk-up at the door:)

  • Starbux Kerri

    What? No pre-order for Thursdays? Come on James! LOL
    I work on Thursday (tomorrow) and wanted to pre-order a dozen assorted donuts for my team. I can pick up at 10:45 if you can do it, otherwise I guess I will wait in line. Stay safe! See you soon.
    Starbucks Lakeshore

  • Maxine Risley

    I’m addicted to the cookie bars they had at Arizmendi in Emeryville. Do you make those?

    • Arizmendi Bakery Post author

      hey there!
      I love those cookie bars too! we’ve never made them here…we make the raw granola bar. But as you know, Emeryville is open now!

  • Harry Howe

    Thank you for finding a way to re-open, from all of us in the neighborhood who have missed you so much!

    Please note that your webmaster should probably correct the CAPITALIZED part in the “pickup Instructions” that we see both as a pre-order is completed online and in the email confirmation received …. I believe your welcoming page says the opposite, that we may add any additional items ….. ?

    Pickup Instructions
    Please get in line and when you get to the front, give your complete name. A member will bring you your pre-order, and you may ADD NO ADDITIONAL items at that time.

  • Carole

    Hi Arizmendi Team
    I’m so happy you are open again.
    Your hours are confusing – you state above
    “We are open Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday“
    and then you state: “Walk-up Shopping Everyday!” – everyday would mean M-S
    Do you mean walk up on these days Tue – Thur – Sat?

    Also, it’s not clear if you order by email, what time of the day on Tue & Sat that one can come by to pick up?
    And, how much in advance can I order. For instance, can I send an email on Fri to pick up on Sat?
    Is the Stout Cake available to pick up on both Tue & Sat?

    Thank you very much,
    Loyal Customer,
    Carole – riovi@sbcglobal.net

    • Arizmendi Bakery Post author

      hey there Carole,
      sorry for the confusion. our orders are as posted and we are always walk-up shopping. I will change it to say “walk-up shopping when open)
      pre-orders are pick-ups anytime on those days. although now pre-orders are for Saturday only through the website.
      Ginger Stout is available everyday!

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