October 2021 Price Increases

Dear Arizmendi Customers,

Thank you for the support you have shown us throughout the years and especially during this past year!  We are so appreciative to be able to continue making you treats and meals, and we hope they bring you a little extra ease, comfort, and joy.  

As always, we are committed to sourcing organic, local, good quality ingredients as much as possible.  We believe it’s healthier for our customers, our fellow food production workers, and the local economy.  Some good news is that we will be switching to a wonderful, local and raw honey to use in our housemade granola and ginger lemon tonic – Bay Area Bee Company!  Other ingredients, such as our flour, dairy, and fruit, have seen some significant price increases in the past year.  

To adequately recoup our costs for ingredients and our labor, we need to increase the prices of some of our products starting October 1.  Most of these items have not been increased for two or more years, and we hope to keep these prices steady for some time.  We appreciate your business so much and welcome any questions.


All of us at Arizmendi

ItemCurrent PriceNew Price
Ginger Stout/Banana Loaf or Slice$9.00/$2.00$10.00/$2.25
Cookie 6pack$10.00$11.00
Granola 18 oz$8.25$9.00
Ginger Lemon Tonic 16 oz$4.50$5.00
Olives, various$2.00-$6.50$3.75-$8.00
Drip coffee$1.25-$2.25$1.25-$2.50
Cold Brew$3.25$3.50
Iced Tea$2.25$3.00
Espresso Drinks$2.75-$4.00$3.00-$4.25
Hot pizza (tax included) – slice/half/whole$3.25/$12.00/$24.00$3.75/$12.50/$25.00
Light bake pizza – half/whole$11.00/$22.00$11.50/$23.00
Vegan or breakfast pizza (tax included) $24.00$26.00
Vegan light bake pizza$23.00$24.00