New Longer Hours (open until 8 PM daily) and Some Other Changes!

After much behind the scenes planning and collaborating, we are happy to announce some new extended hours starting this week Tuesday, May 10 (5/10 day!). We will again be open and serving up your favorite pizzas, pastries and breads until 8 PM on days we are open (still Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday for now…as we aim to get back open on Wednesdays soon).

These new hours will come with some changes to our production schedule, including baking many items closer to our opening time for more freshness, and no longer offering light bake pizzas as soon as we open at 8 AM, but now beginning at 9 AM. We hope that these changes will eventually allow us to re-introduce more of your daily favorites as we try to rebuild and evolve after the last two years shook everything up for everyone.

Please be patient with any growing pains as we strive to bring the same great consistent baked goods to our community while also shaking things up behind the scenes.